Consultancy and Advice


Consultancy and Advice

BUY HOME TURKEY Translation Consultancy has been established by experienced translators and consultants by 2009 in Alanya. We are serving our clients with wide career opportunities of our office in any place we are asked. This means our translators and consultants serve our clients in a fast and quality way.

Four sworn translators who serves in Dutch, German, English and Russian languages are employed in Shan Holding Translation & Consultancy office. They also serve to clients whom speaks their languages as consultant.

We, BUY HOME TURKEY Translation Consultancy office, are proud of our business activities and are always at the back of our activities. Our sworn interpreters usually offer the following services:

Official Translations

For example oral (simultaneous) translation by the Notaries, Passport or driving license translation, all official municipal documents and written translations by the Notary what be should to be legalized.

Technical Translations

Translate documents about construction and shipbuilding, Telecomunications and all kinds of translations.

Legal Translations

Laws and rules translations, translations of legal documents and reports from experts and verbal (simultaneous) translation with a lawyer or by the court.

Other Translation Services

Journals and magazines translations, web site translations, advertisement, brochure or catalog and written translation and spoken all translations.And then you can always get advice from our experienced consultants if you want to target a business, motor vehicle purchase, insurance policies, finding a lawyer, renewal of your passport, residence permit, Tapu (title deed) Iskan applications, water and electricity abonment on your name and any possible services you could need.