Buy Home Services


Buy Home Services

After purchasing the property and registration of all documents of ownership to our customers immediately becomes a series of questions related to the arrangement of the purchased property in Turkey, its maintenance and other tasks. Many of these issues require some knowledge of how the subtleties and specifics of the market and the time which is often lacking for our customers.

Therefore, when buying a property in our company, we offer our customers a full list of after-sales services. Our experts take care of all the responsibilities for the management of your property, as well as help you solve any other issues, showing competence and taking into account your interests.
After sales services include:

  • advice on various matters of interest to you;
  • furnishing housing and installation of home appliances;
  • purchase other necessary goods for the house;
  • individual design and decoration of apartments;
  • property insurance;
  • payment of annual property tax;
  • payment of bills;
  • transfer from Antalya Airport to the place you purchased the property;
  • renting or purchasing a vehicle;
  • organization of excursions and tours;
  • purchasing tickets;
  • delivery of your purchased property for rent or sale;
  • assistance in organizing the cleaning of the house;
  • information about the state of the real estate owned by you during your absence;
  • services for remodeling and repair your property.

We have helped many of our customers, most of whom have become our regular customers and partners. We are also actively expanding the list of services to fully satisfy all your wishes. Join us and you among our customers entrust us with the care of your property in sunny Turkey!